Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5

First many thanks to Tom Smith, Ryan Lee, Damian, Turi and many others for their feedback.

Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5 is here with many some ;) improvements, e.g. an issue with disappearing left-aligned images in IE has been fixed and the native support for plugins is broader and support for WordPress 2.7.x.

Get your copy of Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5

BTW: I added a link to the footer.php to the site I designed the theme originally,, you can leave it or remove it.

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  1. Hi Andreas, I love your wordpress theme, but I have several problems, as you can see here: SLASH index DOT php
    with Internet Exploer 6:
    – strange footer gap
    – problems with right container

    what I have to edit?
    I can send you my files if you want.

    Can you also tell me
    – how to reduce central’s column width?
    -how to reduce blog’s title font dimension?

    Thank you so much, you made a great job.

    waiting your response,

    Angelo Milanetti

  2. Hola Cordobo. Tengo un problema, desde hace tiempo, con el IE. En Firefox se ve estupendamente, pero cuando la imagen o el flash del post es muy grande, no se ve la barra de la derecha y se descoloca todo. ?Sabes lo que puede ser?

  3. I love the theme, I don’t however love the very large box that the most recent post creates- lots of empty screen space until my second post. Any way to fix this? I’m a bit of a novice here… but would appreciate any help. I am also getting lots of errors when trying to upload the different theme colors to my server… any ideas?

  4. I have the same problem as Hope and Money. NextGEN Gallery does not work with GP 093B4 and the Flashviewer Tiltviewer hangs my computer.

  5. Hi Carlos,

    as you mentioned in the other comment, I’m refactoring the whole theme to avoid hopefully all the problems you and others encountered.

    thx for your patience!

  6. hi, i have a question, how can i change the index page to show only the post titles, but the other pages to show the post too, i have removed from index but that also broke the other pages :( please email me if you have some time thx

  7. This Theme is on IE7 very very buggy.
    Every post is not to see on IE7.

    With Firefox no Problems.

  8. I got NextGEN working on my blog and had one of my buddies publish his first posting using it. It took quite a bit of experimenting and trial and error but no changes had to be done to the theme. All has to do with configuring NextGEN correctly. Check out his article.
    Scroll toward the bottom of the post and you will see the Simpleviewer implemented with NextGEN.
    Leave a post if you need details and I can share the exact config settings with you. This theme is just great. I can count on one hand the plugins I have wanted to implement that do not work with it. Just about everything else is supported.

  9. Hi Carlos,

    thanks for the workaround regarding nextgengallery. Although you found a way to avoid some issues, Cordobo Green Park 1.0 will support nextgengallery for sure.

    Best and thanks again!


  10. could you explain how to import a custom logo into the header in this version… also, how do I get the tag cloud text in the tag widget to wrap to the dimensions of your navigation bar on the left? thanks!

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