Pure CSS animated 3D Super Mario Icon

After my latest CSS3 experiment without images (Internet Explorer Pure CSS Logo), a friend suggested to create an animated 3D Super Mario Icon based on the 3D Retro Mario GIF image by Cezkid.

Well, this is the result of two weeks of work – an animated 3D Super Mario Icon built completely in CSS3 without images.

Pure CSS animated 3D Super Mario
A still from Safari 5 with perspective and grids. Hover over the live demo to see this.


Demo: Pure CSS animated 3D Super Mario Icon
Source: Git Repository
Best viewed with Safari 5 & Chrome 9.

Chrome prior Version 9 renders in 2D only due to an older Webkit engine.
Opera 10.6, Firefox 3.6 and IE9 are not supported.

Pure CSS animated 3D Super Mario Icon


Please note that the source code is still a mess. You better not have a look at it ;-)

It’s based on top of my CSS 4D Framework I created therefor and will be released in the next few weeks (when it’s out of alpha).

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Internet Explorer Pure CSS Logo

When I stumbled over David Desandro’s Opera CSS Logo and Zander Martineau’s Pure CSS Icons, I really liked their idea to create “art” only with CSS.

So here is my work, the All CSS Internet Explorer Logo, a logo built completely in CSS, without any graphics.

Internet Explorer CSS Logo

See the Demo (best viewed with Firefox 3.6 & Safari 5)
Chrome 5 has a lot of issues at the moment due to an older Webkit engine. CSS for Opera 10.6 and IE9 are coming soon. The CSS is a mess at the moment, I’ll clean it up later.

Pure CSS Logo rendered in different Browsers

Internet Explorer & the Internet Explorer Logo are registered Trademarks of Microsoft. Download Internet Explorer.

Integrate Facebook’s “Like” Plugin into WordPress

Facebook recently announced the take-over of the internet with the introduction of the yet infamous “like”-button. Nevertheless, here is how you can add your own dynamic like-button for WordPress.

If you use Facebook’s generator here, you’ll get some content very similar to mine:

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Green Park 2 Beta 6 Pre Download

Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 6 Download

This is just a short announcement. The pre-release of Green Park 2 Beta 6 is available for download, the “final” Beta is due in a few days.

The improvements include built-in Twitter support, seamless integration of Disqus comments, 40% fewer http requests, up to 50% faster page rendering compared to Beta 5 and a total of 16 supported languages.

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