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Cordobo Green Park Template

My first WordPress Themes – neat colors within a fancy atmosphere. Named after one of the Royal Parks of London. GPLed. That means, it’s pure freedom!

The Cordobo Green Park template is BETA. If you find any error don’t hesitate – feedback is always welcome!

7+1 reasons to like love Green Park –
now with widgets support!

  1. Cordobo Green Park loves your WordPress installation. (View online demo)
    The template lives in perfect harmony with WordPress 2.0.x and above but may not be compatible with versions prior to 2.0.
  2. Support for color schemes
  3. WordPress Widgets ready.
    Cordobo Green Park supports sidebar manipulation
  4. 3 columns liquid/fluid design
    Left navigation, content and right sidebar, resizes automagically to the resolution of the visitors screen.
  5. Fully localized
    (available in English and German)
  6. Valid XHTML & CSS
  7. Renders the same way in Firefox 2.0, IE6/7 & Opera 9
    Not yet tested on Safari, Konqueror, etc.
  8. You feel happy because it’s green. And maybe because it’s free!
    Yes, it’s GPL.

The template’s history

I created Cordobo Green Park originally for the german news website DyKy. For four month it was in productive use. After some cigarettes and too much coffee I decided to create a new one. The poor little template (it weighs only 96kB) was jammed between some big backups for another two weeks, until I heard it crying and begging: “Give me my honour back! Clean me up! Shave me! Share me!

What would you have done? Right. Here it is. Ready for a second life in freedom!

Best regards and happy days in your Green Park,


Free to download. Free to use. Free to customize.

Released under the GPL License (What is the GPL?)

Download latest version:

190 Replies to “Green Park”

  1. Hey Andreas –
    First of all, unbelievable theme. I ticked a ton of the checkmarks on the wordpress theme database, and yours was the only one that met all of my requirements =D.

    I’ve already replaced the top with my own image, but now I’ve come to a few questions:

    1. How do I center the top image so it doesn’t hang over the little pages navbar?

    2. What is the code that makes the little glowy border around the top?

    3. I want to change the background color of posts and the text color, but have changed lots of the CSS properties and can’t figure out what values do what! I got TopStyle and it didn’t help at all, just confused me more. Could you take a look at my site,, and say things like “on the move” is h2, “the new layout is” is .entry, add this attribute, etc. I’m just way confused – what does the .body class handle? Any plans on doing a write up on what classes handle what components of the page? That would be the greatest thing ever.

    Thank you so much for answering questions and being so helpful. Green Park 4 life.

  2. I was wondering, how do I modify the theme so that I have the categories listed under the main header instead of pages? I think I have it part of the way, but instead of listing them straight across, they list the Home and first category, but the rest fall underneath like a vertical list. Am I missing an integral setting?

  3. I’m still looking for how to fix it. Anybody have ida hov to make this template valid ?

    document type does not allow element

  4. Hola!! Estoy trabajando para adaptar tu tema al espa?ol. Me parece fant?stico y en cuanto lo tenga del todo terminado, im?genes incluidas, te puedo pasar los fuentes para que lo ofrezcas en tu web.

    Saludos y estamos en contacto ;-)

  5. Hola de nuevo. Pues si estoy interesado en traducir tu tema al castellano, porque es el que voy a usar en mi blog (me encanta este tema). As? que cuando tengas la versi?n definitiva, me avisas y la paso al castellano. Y si me puedes pasar las fuentes de las im?genes, mejor ;-)
    Tambi?n he pensado basandome en la guia de cambio de estilo, crear varios con varios estilos para que la gente se lo descarge directamente.
    Saludos y gracias por este pedazo de tema :-p

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