Update/Upgrade to WP 2.1

Today I updated Cordobo and a couple of websites driven by WordPress with the new WordPress 2.1. #2 of the Anti-Christ-SPAM-PlugIn Akismet was updated as well.

An updated version of 0.92 Beta 11 is available at the themeviewer.

For those of you using 0.93 Beta 4, I’ve updated the sidebar.php

Download new sidebar for Cordobo Green Park 0.94 Beta 4

Rename to sidebar.php and place it in the themes rootfolder.

Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5

First many thanks to Tom Smith, Ryan Lee, Damian, Turi and many others for their feedback.

Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5 is here with many some ;) improvements, e.g. an issue with disappearing left-aligned images in IE has been fixed and the native support for plugins is broader and support for WordPress 2.7.x.

Get your copy of Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5

BTW: I added a link to the footer.php to the site I designed the theme originally, DyKy.net, you can leave it or remove it.