Green Park

Changelog for 0.9.3:

Available for download.

  • Added: Support for WordPress 2.7 (Done in Beta 5)
  • Fixed: Blogroll fixed in sidebar (Done in Beta 5)
  • Added: WordPress 2.1 Support
  • Fixed: image disappears in IE6 with align=”left” (Done in Beta 4)
  • Options page optimized (Done in Beta 4)
  • Added: Scheme Icy-Blue (Done in Beta 3)
  • Fixed: various little bugs in the CSS (Done in Beta 2+3)
  • Added: Options page to select individual color schemes (lime-green (default), light-blue, dark-red, dark-gray, etc. (Done in Beta 1)
  • Add support for rtl languages (options page)
  • Add individual header & footer support

Changelog for 0.9.2:

  • Fixed: comments.php (DONE in Beta 10)
  • Added: number of comments in index.php (DONE in Beta 10)
  • Fixed: XHTML (unfinished ul-tag) (DONE in Beta 9)
  • Fixed: Merging issue (DONE in Beta 8)
  • Fixed: overlapping issue in IE6 (images) (DONE in Beta 7)
  • Fixed: overlapping issue in the single.php file (DONE in Beta 6)
  • Fixed: CSS bug in IE6 (DONE in Beta 6)
  • Replaced: auto align for images in the postings area (DONE in Beta 5)
  • Fixed: Valid XHTML & CSS (DONE in Beta 4)
    To update your theme from 0.92 Beta 3 to 0.92 Beta 3 replace
    footer.php, header.php, sidebar.php and single.php
  • Added: single.php (DONE in Beta 4)
  • Fixed: Widget support – now 100% compatible (DONE in Beta 3+4)
  • Fixed: Blogroll categories (DONE in Beta 2)
  • Nicer search button (DONE)
  • Fixed “footer overlapping navigation” on short articles (DONE)

Changelog for 0.9.1:

  • Blogroll Fix (DONE in Beta 4)
  • Added RSS and Comment RSS Feeds (DONE in Beta 3)
  • Added Theme Switcher Support {wp_theme_switcher} (DONE in Beta 3)
  • Fix some issues in CSS for IE6/7
    XHTML and CSS are valid and correct rendered in Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9.01 and IE 6/IE 7 Beta 3 (DONE)
  • Fix “div” problem in comments when logged in with Opera (DONE)
  • Add WordPress Widgets support for sidebar (DONE)
  • Correct time format in english release (DONE)
  • Search page template added (DONE)
  • Search button (DONE)
  • Pages moved to header (DONE)
  • Fixed some minor issues (DONE)