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Cordobo Green Park Template

My first WordPress Themes – neat colors within a fancy atmosphere. Named after one of the Royal Parks of London. GPLed. That means, it’s pure freedom!

The Cordobo Green Park template is BETA. If you find any error don’t hesitate – feedback is always welcome!

7+1 reasons to like love Green Park –
now with widgets support!

  1. Cordobo Green Park loves your WordPress installation. (View online demo)
    The template lives in perfect harmony with WordPress 2.0.x and above but may not be compatible with versions prior to 2.0.
  2. Support for color schemes
  3. WordPress Widgets ready.
    Cordobo Green Park supports sidebar manipulation
  4. 3 columns liquid/fluid design
    Left navigation, content and right sidebar, resizes automagically to the resolution of the visitors screen.
  5. Fully localized
    (available in English and German)
  6. Valid XHTML & CSS
  7. Renders the same way in Firefox 2.0, IE6/7 & Opera 9
    Not yet tested on Safari, Konqueror, etc.
  8. You feel happy because it’s green. And maybe because it’s free!
    Yes, it’s GPL.

The template’s history

I created Cordobo Green Park originally for the german news website DyKy. For four month it was in productive use. After some cigarettes and too much coffee I decided to create a new one. The poor little template (it weighs only 96kB) was jammed between some big backups for another two weeks, until I heard it crying and begging: “Give me my honour back! Clean me up! Shave me! Share me!

What would you have done? Right. Here it is. Ready for a second life in freedom!

Best regards and happy days in your Green Park,


Free to download. Free to use. Free to customize.

Released under the GPL License (What is the GPL?)

Download latest version:


  1. Hi Jacob,

    I already replied to your question on your blog, just in case anybody else has the same problem (after altering the original templates/pages). If you use the original files you won’t have the problem.

    Never forget to close the tags :)

    two tags /h1 and the 2 /div’s in the id=header and id=header_left_bg

    Best regards,


  2. hello…how r u? emm.. id like to ask a few question about ur beautiful WP themes “cordobo green park”. first, how can i add an image to the header. i’ve try many way,but it seem i just messing the layout. second, how to costumise the “FIND” button? u see, ur theme is lime colored, but the button is still plain color. it dont look good. third, is there any search.php page? everything i’ve enter in the search box dont return any result. it just says “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria, please try and search again.”. fourth, at the comment page, it seem like the commenter’s name has been double. take alook at this picture. that’s all for now. sorry for interupting u.

  3. Hi Paskal,

    thanks for your comments ;) I try to answer your questions as best as possible.

    1. The best and easiest way to insert an image is editing the existing background image. It’s just a work around but probably the best solution at the current state of the theme – beta…

    2. I will replace the find-button with an image in the next release 0.9.1. Just a few days away ;)

    3. There’s no search.php included, it’s still in the index.php. Will be available in the next release. The search worked great on my own test page (local and online) and it works as well in the themeviewer… Try a search for “Hello” (first example posting of WordPress).

    4. I couldn’t reproduce the problem with the commenters name. Did you alter the comments.php template?



  4. Hi,

    I love you work. It’s very nice and clean. I’ve used it for my blog with some modification to suite my need. Now my blog looks much better thanks to the good mix of “professional” and “personal”. Thanks a lot for the nice skin :)


  5. Hi Kenny,

    thanks for your comment.

    If you altered only the sidebar items I recommend you to download the new Green Park release 0.9.1 and the WP widgets plugin. In the WP admin panel you can change the order of the sidebar items in a drag & drop interface, without any contact with the source code (that’s for lazy people like me ;) ) – and you get a “almost” bug free version of the template.

    Best regards,


  6. I want to do a couple of things first change the background from white to black and second darken the green color then make the text white too – how do I do this – plus I am also considering using the theme for a couple of other projects and will need to add images to the header?

    What am I doing wrong look at in Firefox and then in IE there are differences how can I optimize the site for both browsers.

    Finally I have to say I tried to use the widget set up but many of them do not work right? What is going on there. Are you planning other themes?

  7. Love The WordPress Theme. I’ve been looking for something that looks “slick” and professional and this is both. I played around with K2 for a while but after a while it seemed a little bland. Great theme.

  8. Hi Paul,

    do you mean the background of the content (the place in the middle)? Open the style.css file and replace the background color in “.entry” and “.entry_firstpost”. Don’t forget to replace the font color although.

    background: #000; /** Black background **/
    color: #fff; /** white font color **/

    The easiest way to add an image to the header is to edit the background image itself – by now. All the images used are stored in the sub folder images. You can edit them with any grafic program. Maybe I will alter this with one of the next releases.

    In the mediageeks installation you should separate your content from the original theme and put css/js into separate files for an better overview. Then open the sidebar.php and place the Google Ads before the “ending divs” of the left navigation and the right sidebar. That’s the difference between and Firefox and IE. And maybe your ad is just to broad.

    The theme was tested on and has the same look in Internet Explorer 6/7 Beta 3, Firefox/Mozilla/Seamonkey and Opera 9. But I use a clean installation of WordPress 2.0.4. and the Green Park Theme and I don’t know if there are interferences between other plugins/css/js.

    With which widgets do you have problems? In my installation the widgets are working fine – with 2 or 3 exceptions, like the text boxes and the calendar. But I’m working on it. Don’t forget, it’s BETA ;)

    Yes, I definitly plan to release other themes for wordpress (I’m working on a theme called nuzzz) – and I try to keep the released themes up to date and to fix every bug found.
    Best regards and thanks for your feedback,


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