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Cordobo Green Park Template

My first WordPress Themes – neat colors within a fancy atmosphere. Named after one of the Royal Parks of London. GPLed. That means, it’s pure freedom!

The Cordobo Green Park template is BETA. If you find any error don’t hesitate – feedback is always welcome!

7+1 reasons to like love Green Park –
now with widgets support!

  1. Cordobo Green Park loves your WordPress installation. (View online demo)
    The template lives in perfect harmony with WordPress 2.0.x and above but may not be compatible with versions prior to 2.0.
  2. Support for color schemes
  3. WordPress Widgets ready.
    Cordobo Green Park supports sidebar manipulation
  4. 3 columns liquid/fluid design
    Left navigation, content and right sidebar, resizes automagically to the resolution of the visitors screen.
  5. Fully localized
    (available in English and German)
  6. Valid XHTML & CSS
  7. Renders the same way in Firefox 2.0, IE6/7 & Opera 9
    Not yet tested on Safari, Konqueror, etc.
  8. You feel happy because it’s green. And maybe because it’s free!
    Yes, it’s GPL.

The template’s history

I created Cordobo Green Park originally for the german news website DyKy. For four month it was in productive use. After some cigarettes and too much coffee I decided to create a new one. The poor little template (it weighs only 96kB) was jammed between some big backups for another two weeks, until I heard it crying and begging: “Give me my honour back! Clean me up! Shave me! Share me!

What would you have done? Right. Here it is. Ready for a second life in freedom!

Best regards and happy days in your Green Park,


Free to download. Free to use. Free to customize.

Released under the GPL License (What is the GPL?)

Download latest version:

190 responses to “Green Park”

  1. @ Joel:

    I’m happy that you and many others like the theme ;)

    @ Alicia:

    Which version of IE do you use? Green Park is tested with Firefox 1.5/2.0, Opera 9, Seamonkey 1.0.1, K-Meleon 1.02, IE6, IE7 and Safari & Konqueror. Can you provide me a screenshot?

    Best regards,


  2. I use IE6 It’s really small thing You can see this for example on now …after last links in “Meta” and “Last Entries” there is additonal markup and ampty line, also in Categories sometimes it’s showing that. Maybe it’s IE6 error. Anyway, great and unique template! :)

  3. Hi there,

    I just installed your theme cordobo-green-park-beta, it looks really great.
    Unfortunately after installing a photo gallery some unexpected bugs came out, the picts are floating to the left corner (instead of centre) and on a mouse over they jumping back to place (what looks pretty cool but I don

  4. Oh.. and I noticed same problem with footer as Danfef on posts and pages. It happens only when I’m not loged in. When I am loged to my blog It works normal but for guests and viwers… any thougts how to fix it ?

  5. hallo,

    ich schaue meistens hier vorbei und schaue mir auch ein paar eintr?ge an, aber was vllt. jedem aufgefallen ist, ist die tatsache, dass es hier sehr unordentlich ist. 177 Antworten gibt es hier schon.
    Wie w?re es mit einem Forum? Es g?be f?r jedes Problem ein ein entsprechender Thread und man k?nnte leicht suchen, was man wissen m?chte. Muss ja kein nmeues Forum sein, irgendein Unterforum mit uneingeschr?nktem Zugriff f?r Besucher, damit sie auch posten k?nnen.0
    W?re ein Idee meinerseits zur besseren ?bersicht. Au?erdem w?rden auch nicht immer dieselben Fragen auftauchen ;-)