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Cordobo Green Park 2 - Intro

Table of Contents

  1. About Cordobo Green Park 2 (GP2 for Habari?)
  2. Featurelist
  3. ToDo List
  4. Supported Plugins
  5. Demo, Download & Licence
  6. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

About Cordobo Green Park 2

Cordobo Green Park 2 is a simple & elegant light-weight theme for WordPress, built on top of the fastest known page-rendering optimizations and seo in mind. Apart from being the successor of « Cordobo Green Park », one of the more popular themes for WordPress with about 160k+ installations, the 2nd version has been rebuild from scratch and supports WordPress 3.0 and higher.

GP2 for Habari

Check Cordobo Green Park 2 for Habari for an early development release.


  • Fully compatible with WordPress 3.0 and higher
  • Settings page: easily configuration of the theme itself, Twitter &, Feedburner integration, Google Adsense and Google Analytics
  • Supports WordPress widgets & menues
  • Light-weight: optimized CSS for fastest cross-browser rendering, less graphics
  • Fast: the minimum set of SQL queries
  • Findability: SEO optimizations for humans and search-engines
  • Accessible: clean and structured code for screen-readers and “jump links” for navigation
  • A very clean typography for advanced readability
  • Intense use of image sprites for less http-requests
  • Built-In Twitter support
  • Built-In Sitepagination-Plugin support
  • Nested comments
  • On the way to become the fastest WordPress theme


  1. No known issues — ready for RC1

Check the Changelog for more details.

Supported Plugins

Cordobo Green Park 2 comes with built in support for WP-PageNavi (but does not require the plugin). To use it, download the plugin, upload it to your WordPress plugins directory and activate the plugin. Yes, that’s it.

Demo, Download & Licence

Free to download, free to use, free to customize.
«Cordobo Green Park 2» is released under the GPL License (What is the GPL?)

Live Demo

Check the live demo of the latest release here: Cordobo Green Park 2 Demo

Latest Release: (Subscribe to RSS feed for updates)

Download Download: Greenpark 2 Beta 5
Local mirror (Beta 10) (Feb 15th, 2014)Green Park 2 @ GitHub (Feb 15th, 2014)

See the Release History for more details.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Check the readme.txt in the themes folder and the Settings in your WordPress admin panel. Other frequently asked questions will be posted here.

Green Park 2 in Details