Barbie divorced only $ 265.95

The father getting out late from work and going back home, he remembers his daughters birthday and that he has no present for her. He stops his car in front of a toy store and ask the saleslady:
How much does the Barbie in the show window cost?

Nicely the saleslady replies: Which Barbie?
We have:
“Barbie goes to the Gym” for $ 19.95
“Barbie plays Volleyball” for $ 19.95
“Barbie goes shopping” for $ 19.95
“Barbie goes to the beach” for $ 19.95
“Barbie goes dancing” for $ 19.95
“Barbie divorced” for $ 265.95

And the man really surprised, ask:
Uummm! Why Barbie divorced cost $ 265.95 , when all others price tag is only $ 19.95?
The saleslady proudly replies:
Sir…, “Barbie Divorced” comes with: Ken’s car, Ken’s house, Ken’s yacht, Ken’s furniture, Ken’s computer and Ken’s best friend……………”