Andreas Jacob Hello, I’m Andreas Jacob. I’m a freelance fullstack web-app and mobile-app developer with a strong focus on Node.js, React/ React Native and GoLang as well as Angular & Ionic. I help teams to build successful apps and the infrastructure that scales their microservices. I’m based in Mannheim, Germany, but I support clients throughout Europe onSite.

Although my development focus is on Nodes.js and JavaScript (both mostly TypeScript), my earlier works include plenty of UX & Usability consultations and responsive webdesign for DAX-30 companies as well as a Top-10 WordPress theme. All of these past jobs still come in handy in my present work as a fullstack developer.


You can send me a postcard or (re)connect on social networks. Please understand, that I won’t provide support for any of my WordPress themes neither via mail, social networks nor twitter. The best place to get help or suggest improvements is my blog. Try a “search” or leave a comment and I’ll answer you as soon as possible.

That’s me

This is Artis Cordobo‘s home. I’m online since 1995. My pseudonyms first provable appearance can be found in archive.org’s “Wayback Machine” back in 1996.

The nickname “Cordobo”

As I first joined the world of IRC, I was in need of a nickname. I chose “Cordobo” as “Cordoba” was already taken by someone else :) “Cordobo” is the male form of Córdoba, the name of Cities located in Spain, Argentina and Mexico.

My nickname became part of my online and offline life. Most of my friends and colleagues call me Cordo, nevertheless my mom still resists and call me by my given name — “Andreas”.

Why did you add “Artis” to your nickname?

Good question! I did so because all characters from movies who have only one name (e.g. “Nick”, “John” or “Joe”), tend to die in the first half of the movie. I decided to avoid this cruel destiny by providing my alter ego “Cordobo” with a given-name. I chose “Artis”, because it’s similar to “artist” and reminded me of a song by NIN – but overall I liked the sound of the word.