“scuffproof” – an unbreakable css box

“scuffproof” is a little codesnippet I wrote because the solutions available didn’t fit my needs. “scuffproof” is an unbreakable css box with rounded corners and a never-ending gradient background using valid CSS, valid XHTML and some images released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

At least, I couldn’t break it, hope you have no chance either to break this box ;) If you do so, please report it here.

scuffproof box

Screenshots and download after the click.


Upcoming design for

cordobo - more than just lorem ipsum

As I mentioned before, I work on a new theme for Cordobo.


Cordobo Paperwall – Free WordPress Theme

Ho ho ho, it’s christmas time!

I will release Cordobo Paperwall, the current theme of, under the GPL licence this weekend. It’s a custom theme for Scott’s excellent Sandbox theme, enriched with microformats, xfn and all the cool stuff your mama loves!

Cordobo Paperwall WordPress Theme

Why I do this?
Because I can ;) And it’s christmas time!
I’m working on a new theme for this blog and I put this theme up for adoption, trying to find “a second life” for it elsewhere on the net.

Why can’t I download it already.
I’ll release it this weekend, I need to fix up some things before you can easily install this theme on your blog.

Is it free?
Yes, totaly free like free in free beer. Cheerio!

Design Networks Web 2.0

Realigning Communipedia

As a good starting-point to keep you updated and to get a first impression of the forthcoming user interface, we realigned the landing page for Communipedia to fit the actual design of our development server.

Communipedia Landing Page Realigned

See more pictures at Flickr or visit the official Communipedia blog for more information.