I’m sorry

I’m sorry. My last conversation with you dates back to 2012. By the time I didn’t know it would be the conversation to stay for four years. I could have known, I hear you say, our last encounter adds two years on top. And I know what you think… He’s coming back, after years, asking for forgiveness and I should welcome him like I did the years before, when everything was good.… As if nothing had ever happened!

It must feel like a bad excuse to tell you, the same happened to everyone else in my life. To twitter, to facebook, to instagram, to you, my dear blog. I hope you pragmatically recognized, that I always kept your files and folders up-to-date and replaced plugins with the newest versions, with some shiny finesse under the hood. I really thought a lot of you, logged in and out, tried to publish something, but I never really found the time.

I hope I can regain some of your trust and support in the foreseeable future by working hard on our relationship and spending some quality content with you.

Thank you, dear Blog!


Happy Birthday, Dear Blog

Reborn by Cordobo
© 2008 by Andreas Jacob — Reborn, Cordobo wearing Hardbound 2

During the last five years I studied literature and linguistics, worked as webdesigner for an agency, gained a lot of good and some not so good experiences, travelled about 29 thousand miles, made the decision to resign from my job and started to work as freelance webdesigner which I didn’t regret and — I had one blog.

General – The rise and fall of Web 2.0 ;)

Morgen früh bringe ich mein kleines Projekt “DyKy” auf den Marktplatz der schönen Web 2.0 Welt. Mit dem Claim “The rise and fall of web 2.0” schreibe ich (und ein winziges Grüppchen handverlesener Menschen) über deutsche und internationale Startups, (Neu-)Entwicklungen im Web, eBay-Exits und virtuelles Softeis in Second Life. Im Gegensatz zu erhebe ich aber für mich den Anspruch, mit meinem Projekt zu provozieren, zu polarisieren und vor allem keine neutralen Postings von mir zu geben sondern meine Meinung zu vertreten. Wie das andere auch schon mal getan haben ;)

Wie gewohnt also mit dem Cordobo Spaßfaktor, nur eben ein wenig seriöser.