I’m sorry

I’m sorry. My last conversation with you dates back to 2012. By the time I didn’t know it would be the conversation to stay for four years. I could have known, I hear you say, our last encounter adds two years on top. And I know what you think… He’s coming back, after years, asking… Continue reading I’m sorry

Freiraum – Cordobo Paperwall 2

“Freiraum” (Paperwall 2), is an updated version of my current blog theme “Cordobo Paperwall“. The German word “Freiraum” literally translated means “free space”, but the conotation implies also “freedom” and “tolerance”. Cordobo “Freiraum” (Paperwall 2) With a lot of delay, I’ll release my current theme for download next week. PS: If you’re a friend of… Continue reading Freiraum – Cordobo Paperwall 2