Provide visual feedback using CSS #1

Small changes can cause big improvements. Todays topic is about small css improvements, resulting in visual feedback for your visitors and improvements to your blogs user interface. Most of the CSS below only works in the newest browsers, but it shouldn’t prevent you from using it. Don’t just change the color of the link, provide… Continue reading Provide visual feedback using CSS #1

“scuffproof” – an unbreakable css box

“scuffproof” is a little codesnippet I wrote because the solutions available didn’t fit my needs. “scuffproof” is an unbreakable css box with rounded corners and a never-ending gradient background using valid CSS, valid XHTML and some images released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. At least, I couldn’t break it, hope you have… Continue reading “scuffproof” – an unbreakable css box