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9 Spotify invites for you

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I currently have 9 Spotify invites to give away. Spotify is a free music stream service with more than 2 Mio. users worldwide. If your familiar with iTunes, you’ll like Spotify’s slim and fast streaming App based on Adobe AIR (available for Windows & OS X). You can listen to all the music you like as often you want to, create and share playlists with friends — all for free.

Spotify Desktop Application
Spotify Desktop Application for Windows


Moby – Ooh Yeah

Läuft hier jetzt schon die ganze Zeit.

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Those Dancing Days – “Run Run”

Those Dancing Days “Run Run”

“Those Dancing Days”, a swedish combo with a fancy haircut (oh I really love the front woman’s hair!) and a really enjoyable sound. On tour in Germany in august, visit their myspace site for more information.


I like coffee

Sometimes there are no news, except the little ones hidden at the end of the story – the video, that saved my day.

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