Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 8

Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 8 Download

After a long wait… The stable release of Green Park 2 Beta 8 is available for download, including the following improvements:

  • Full WordPress 3.5.x support
  • HTML5 & CSS3 enhancements
  • WordPress 3 comment_form fixes
  • SEO: Breadcrumbs for Google SERPs
  • WordPress menu support
  • 25% less HTTP requests
  • Fully tested against the theme optimizer
  • Comes with localizations for 16 languages
  • Removal of Internet Explorer 6 support – Kind of a feature…
  • One of the (if not ‘the’) fastest WordPress themes

Test-drive the Green Park 2 theme:

Like it?

Great :) Then don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments! And if you’d like to show even more love for the theme, I’d be delighted to get a fresh brewed delicious coffee – mmmm delicious :)

BTW: Thanks for waiting and supporting the development of CGP2 for so long!

Development Hacks

WordPress: Limited Randomized Blogroll without Plugin

Have you ever redesigned your blog and your new design only allowed a limited space for your “one mile high” blogroll? A friend of mine ran into exactly this problem with his newly redesigned blog.

Development How-To

Canonical URL’s, Optimized Permalinks

I updated my WordPress permalinks from an old-fashioned and quite outdated /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ to the more optimized structure /%post_id%-%postname%/. Although I still like it if I can see the date and the entry title at a glance, the new structure has two advantages:

  1. the new permalink structure is in some cases faster because of the way wordpress stores the URL information in the database (see further: Efficient permalink strategies for WordPress)
  2. according to SEO’s, a link like is more likely to result in a better SERP position than (the same) link named

Googlebot versteht Javascript

Einige russische SEOs haben sich die Mühe gemacht zu testen, ob der Googlebot Javascript-Weiterleitungen bzw. Javascript im Allgemeinen lesen und interpretieren kann.

Die Befehle des Javascriptes wurden vom Google’s Indexbot richtig interpretiert. Die Bots sind in der Lage diese auszuführen und sehen dabei das Endergebnis, nur sind die nicht in der Lage die Scripte in Teile zu zerlegen oder einen Bezug zu HTML zu machen. Die Algorithmen können gut differenzieren zwischen einem bösartigen oder ganz harmlosen Code. Diese Techniken sehen wie Tricks aus der Black Hat SEO, können aber einem guten Zweck dienen