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  • Cordobo ahyo – 2nd draft

    A couple of days ago I posted my 1st draft of my new theme called “ahyo”, inspired by the gorgeous look of Gnome on ubuntu. Today I found some time for a little fine-tuning. Here it is (at least a little piece of a masterpiece ;-) ) 2nd draft: Edit: I will integrate microformats and […]

  • Cordobo ahyo

    I’m working on a new theme called “ahyo”. Have fun with the sneak-preview and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

  • Theme: Cordobo Red Cedar is online

    The Cordobo Red Cedar Theme for WordPress has been finished. A slightly different version will be available for download soon. Themeviewer at Cordobo.com Best regards, Cordobo

  • Theme: Get a first view of Cordobo Red Cedar

    Have a look: Cordobo Red Cedar Theme for WordPress Just a click away! Leave your comment here, if you want to be the first to know, when it’s done.