Andreas Jacob Andreas Jacob is a freelance webdesigner, xhtml/css coder & webstandards lover based in Mannheim/Germany. He focuses on beautiful webdesign, damn fast code rendering, mobile & responsive websites, WordPress themes and usability.


You can send him a postcard or (re)connect with him on social networks. Please understand, that he can’t provide support for any of his WordPress themes neither via mail, social networks nor twitter. The best place to get help or suggest improvements is Andreas’ blog. Try a “search” or leave a comment and he’ll answer you as soon as possible.

That’s me

This is Artis Cordobo‘s home. I’m online since 1995. My pseudonyms first provable appearance can be found in archive.org’s “Wayback Machine” back in 1996.

The nickname “Cordobo”

As I first joined the world of IRC, I was in need of a nickname. I chose “Cordobo” because “Cordoba” was already taken by someone else… “Cordobo” is the male form of Córdoba, a spanish, argentinian and mexican city.

My nickname became part of my online and offline life. Most of my friends and colleagues call me Cordo, nevertheless my mom still resists and call me by my real name — “Andreas”.

Why did you add “Artis” to your pseudonym?

In the last 50 years, all characters from movies who had only one name (e.g. “Nick”, “John” or a random “Alien”), died in the first half of the movie (I know, there is more than one Alien movie, but aliens are some kind of outer-space ninjas). I decided to avoid this cruel destiny by providing my alter ego “Cordobo” with a given-name. I chose “Artis”, because it’s similar to “artist” and reminded me of a song by NIN – but overall I liked the sound of the word.