Green Park 2 WordPress Theme – New Languages available

Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5 Download

It took me a while to get back to work on Green Park after a little break and some vacations. So, this is only a small update to the translations for Green Park 2 Beta 5 but Beta 6 is on the way. Thanks to the following users, the theme now features native support for 12+1 language.

  1. Chinese by wxzbb
  2. English (default) by me
  3. French by Julien
  4. German by Andreas Jacob
  5. Icelandic by Jóhannes Birgir Jensson
  6. Italian by Saverio Tonno
  7. Norwegian Bokmål by Bjørn-Arild Eriksen-Woll
  8. Polish by Tosiek
  9. Romanian by Cristian Boba
  10. Russian (formal) by Dr. Dmitry Tarasov
  11. Russian (informal) by Perllover
  12. Spanish (castellano) by José Manuel Mao
  13. Swedish by Jon Klarström

Many thanks for your contributions!

The new release (still Beta 5) is now available for download from the Green Park 2 page and should be available within a few hours from

54 responses to “Green Park 2 WordPress Theme – New Languages available”

  1. How do you enable the translations? – I’m trying to set the language to Norwegian. Thanks!

      • Open wp-config.php and search for the language settings. Add your preferred language, e.g. “de-DE” for Germany and the site will be delivered in this language.

        and yes, Beta 5 =


        • Thanks. Should I move the language file from the “themes > greenpark > languages” to the “wp-content > languages folder”

  2. Shuai Stanley Liu April 19 at 9:35am
    hi andreas, how is it going? i am a user of your wordpress theme green-park-2. it’s a great theme i really like it. however, i have some questions. 1. in this theme, the post title name is bigger than the blog name. i would like to let it to be smaller than the blog name. how can i do that? 2. how can i change the content of the menu bar(has items like: Home, Content, RSS, Register, Log in).
    thank you for your time!

  3. Hello! I tranlated the theme into Hungarian. I sent it to the email address shown in the “send me a postcard” link, but as far as I did not received answer.