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  • Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 8

    After a long wait… The stable release of Green Park 2 Beta 8 is available for download, including the following improvements: Full WordPress 3.5.x support HTML5 & CSS3 enhancements WordPress 3 comment_form fixes SEO: Breadcrumbs for Google SERPs WordPress menu support 25% less HTTP requests Fully tested against the theme optimizer Comes with localizations for […]

  • Integrate Facebook’s “Like” Plugin into WordPress

    Facebook recently announced the take-over of the internet with the introduction of the yet infamous “like”-button. Nevertheless, here is how you can add your own dynamic like-button for WordPress. If you use Facebook’s generator here, you’ll get some content very similar to mine:

  • Green Park 2 WordPress Theme – New Languages available

    It took me a while to get back to work on Green Park after a little break and some vacations. So, this is only a small update to the translations for Green Park 2 Beta 5 but Beta 6 is on the way. Thanks to the following users, the theme now features native support for […]

  • WordPress: Limited Randomized Blogroll without Plugin

    Create a smaller blogroll with many links with Wordpress built-in functions wp_list_bookmarks, limit, and orderby