Internet Explorer Pure CSS Logo

When I stumbled over David Desandro’s Opera CSS Logo and Zander Martineau’s Pure CSS Icons, I really liked their idea to create “art” only with CSS.

So here is my work, the All CSS Internet Explorer Logo, a logo built completely in CSS, without any graphics.

Internet Explorer CSS Logo

See the Demo (best viewed with Firefox 3.6 & Safari 5)
Chrome 5 has a lot of issues at the moment due to an older Webkit engine. CSS for Opera 10.6 and IE9 are coming soon. The CSS is a mess at the moment, I’ll clean it up later.

Pure CSS Logo rendered in different Browsers

Internet Explorer & the Internet Explorer Logo are registered Trademarks of Microsoft. Download Internet Explorer.


31 responses to “Internet Explorer Pure CSS Logo”

  1. Would this ever be considered a good coding practice, as will surely bloat the site with way too much with non-semantic tags. Either way, pretty awesome use of the technology, the logo look as sharp as it can be!