Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5

First many thanks to Tom Smith, Ryan Lee, Damian, Turi and many others for their feedback.

Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5 is here with many some ;) improvements, e.g. an issue with disappearing left-aligned images in IE has been fixed and the native support for plugins is broader and support for WordPress 2.7.x.

Get your copy of Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5

BTW: I added a link to the footer.php to the site I designed the theme originally,, you can leave it or remove it.


  1. Hi Artis,

    I’m trying to change the favicon and having no luck. I found the code in header.php, but changing that doesn’t work. Is there any other pages with favicon code?

    I was thinking it may have to do with the type=”image/ico” but have no idea:
    <link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/ico” href=”/favicon.ico” />


  2. Hi Andreas,

    I would like to thank you for your theme, I like it very much.

    I am a newcomer at wordpress.

    Hope to create my own if got time, but for now It is your theme that I used. Thank you.

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