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  • Angular QR Code Generator Component

    Update: Latest update supports Angular 13 Say hello to my new Angular QR Code module, called angularx-qrcode. It’s not only a drop-in replacement for the no-longer-maintained ng2-qrcode component to generate and display QR Codes, it’s as well heavily optimized for Angular and Ionic. angularx-qrcode supports Angulars Ivy compiler and AOT Compilation (Ahead-of-Time Compilation), which results […]

  • Quick Tip: Release iOS 7 Apps with Xcode 8

    If you (like me) wanted all the new bells and whistles in Xcode 8 and realized too late, that the latest officially supported iOS Version of Xcode 8 is iOS 8 and you need support for the iPhone 4 or iPad mini (both run on iOS 7) in one app, here are the good news: […]

  • Cordova Plugin for iOS 10 camera permission description

    Update 22.09.2017: Update 1.2.0 of the cordova camera permissions plugin ships support for NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription in iOS 11 In my last blog post I wrote about the iOS 10 camera permission a.k.a. iOS 10 NSCameraUsageDescription Permission issue, we encountered during the development of our Ionic/Cordova App. To further automate the npm-based build process, I wrote a […]