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9 Spotify invites for you

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I currently have 9 Spotify invites to give away. Spotify is a free music stream service with more than 2 Mio. users worldwide. If your familiar with iTunes, you’ll like Spotify’s slim and fast streaming App based on Adobe AIR (available for Windows & OS X). You can listen to all the music you like as often you want to, create and share playlists with friends — all for free.

Spotify Desktop Application
Spotify Desktop Application for Windows

Spotify is an online music service offering users the ability to stream music on demand using Spotify’s unique technology. Spotify will be marketed both as a premium monthly subscription service and a version which is free for consumers to use, and supported by advertising. Consumers will also have the option to purchase a day pass that gives access to Spotify without advertising.

Quoted from About Spotify

Leave a comment with your email address (Spotify requires a valid email address, no spam) and I’ll send you your invite for Spotify free.

Please note: As a resident of Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain you don’t need an invite to register for Spotify free.

Update: All invites are gone.D

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I’m already using Spotify, so I don’t need an invite ;O) Just wanted to add that I’m pretty happy with it even though I find some music missing from time to time. The Spotify folks add a bunch of new songs daily, just check their blog for news.

Oh, and if there are Linux users around: Spotify runs pretty stable on Wine, too!

4 invitations left


Thanks for your first-time comment ;-) Check your inbox for your spotify invite

Everytime I check a filter like year:2009 the music available is growing and growing. Damn cool service!

I’d like to start using Spotify. I live in Finland, however it still says “Invitation only Beta”. Obviously im missing some point here..

Hi, I’d like to try Spotify, too! :) And like Jukka, I also live in Finland but apparently it still requires an invitation to start using the big S for some reason.

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