Green Park 2 for Habari – Beta 1

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If you use a WordPress driven blog, get the latest release of Green Park 2 for WordPress.

I started porting Cordobo Green Park 2 to Habari. A demo is available here: Cordobo Green Park 2 for Habari Demo.

Please note that GP2 for Habari is in early development and far away from being feature complete. Please report any bugs you encounter.
Download: Green Park 2 for Habari (updated July 18th, 2009)


16 responses to “Green Park 2 for Habari – Beta 1”

  1. Andreas.
    Thank you very much to provid Nice and fast them. i am using it for my site. Working on to make some modification, but i am new on this field. Just want to know how can i increase of th width of forground…?