Green Park 2 for Habari – Beta 1

Using WordPress?

If you use a WordPress driven blog, get the latest release of Green Park 2 for WordPress.

I started porting Cordobo Green Park 2 to Habari. A demo is available here: Cordobo Green Park 2 for Habari Demo.

Please note that GP2 for Habari is in early development and far away from being feature complete. Please report any bugs you encounter.
Download: Green Park 2 for Habari (updated July 18th, 2009)


16 responses to “Green Park 2 for Habari – Beta 1”

  1. Hey there,

    I’m setting up the theme in WordPress, and somewhat of a newbie.

    QUick question – just like when I went to leave a reply here, there’s two things I’d love to adjust:

    1. The “Leave a Reply” type. It’s very large. Where in the css could I alter that?

    2. I don’t currently have any advertisements, yet that section/word shows up “Advertisement”. Any way to remove that. (Also, if I did add AdSense words at some point, where would I configure that?)

    Thanks man- appreciate your work! Cory

    • Looks a little bit strange, but not only in every browser. I tested your site in IE6, IE7/8, Firefox 2/3/3.5, Opera 9/10 and Safari 4 all are effected as a result of your customized CSS.

      I really recommend that you use my original CSS shipped within the ZIP file to avoid similar problems in the future.

  2. Nice Theme! I think I will use it for my blog! Only think I wish you would add is a three column bottom like on my blog.

  3. Another thing, how do you get the Trackback link to work? Yours doesn’t seem to work and neither does mine on my test blog.

  4. hello~Andreas
    i like ur theme~!
    by the way~i have made some changes.
    because i love blue than green~hope you don’t mind

    • Hi,

      I’ve just downloaded this Theme … looks great doesn’t it … how easy was it to change the colour of the options bar? Will have a look at the code but if you have any tips it would be appreciated .. :-)

  5. Hey Andreas,

    I came across one of your themes and started breaking it down, and you’ve got some really great, clean code. Thanks for putting your stuff out there for other designers/developers to look at. It really helps the web design community.

    Happy coding! Cheers!

  6. Hi Andreas,

    Thank you for your best template. I want ask you a thing. I’ve created our blog and we have a little problem with the page named “biolago” in which we have a great number of slave pages, one for any kind of Garda’s fish. The pages appears below the gray line and the effect is not agreeable. Have you some workaround for this kind of “bug” :-) that is not a real “bug”?
    Best Regards


  7. Hey Andreas. The theme looks great! How come you never told us about it? :)
    You should add it to the Available theme’s wiki page.
    It would be nice if we could hear about your experience with the theming process and what ideas you have by now to make it better.