Cordobo Green Park 0.93 is here – almost

The next release of my Cordobo Green Park theme for WordPress ships, apart from many improvements, with a new color schemes options page.

Download it now

Features overview of Cordobo Green Park:

  1. Look & Feel with one click
    Change the look and feel of your website with one click in the color schemes page. Don’t worry with images or php-files. One click does it all ;)
  2. Cordobo Green Park framework
    Built & design your own 3 column WordPress valid XHTML & CSS themes upon Cordobo Green Park and release them as individual modules. No need for PHP files!
  3. Support for WordPress Widgets
    The easiest way to customize your themes look & feel.
  4. Language Support (coming soon)
    Change the whole theme into your language. The easiest way to be a local ;)
  5. Support for Ads (coming soon)
    Integrated support for your ads on your site.

Take the provided color schemes (lime green, light blue, red wine, chocolate (hmmm), and others) as a base to make your own 3 column theme. Feel free to send me your own color schemes, so I can provide them with the new version.

How do I get my copy of Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 3?

  • Just leave a comment either in English, Spanish or German and I’ll send you the latest 0.93 Beta via email (~300kB). Remember: This is a Beta! Not the final version!
  • Feel free to contact me, if you encounter a bug or some issue.
  • If you want to translate Cordobo Green Park, contact me via mail. No hard work, only 25-30 keywords and 4 short phrases.

Best regards,


Update December, 13th 2006:

Beta 2 is out. I fixed an issue with the comments button, an php include and a wrong “default” value in header.php. Thanks to Mike Abundo.

I send some people a buggy 0.92 Beta 2, please download the header.txt and comments.txt and rename them to header.php and comments.php.

Update December, 19th 2006:

Beta 3 is out. I added the Color Scheme “Icy Park” (last mini-screenshot) and 6 new favicons in the relevant colors. Beta 3 color scheme “Icy Park” is the 1st intent to use Cordobo Green Park as a framework for 3 column fluid WordPress themes.

Some actual mini-screenshots:

cgp-green.jpg cgp-blue.jpg cgp-red.jpg cgp-chocolate.jpg cgp-kind-of-blue.jpg

97 responses to “Cordobo Green Park 0.93 is here – almost”

  1. love cordobo, not sure where to find support though. Need to remove link to backend from front page under meta heading.

  2. The body of the post is much narrower than the previous version. In IE6/7 any wide object (picture more than 420px wide) would push the following text all the way in the bottom.

  3. Wow! I really love you work :D great design, can you send me it please… I’m starting my blog and this theme is great i really want it.

    Just wondering if i can change the title-logo for my website logo.