Cordobo Green Park 0.93 is here – almost

The next release of my Cordobo Green Park theme for WordPress ships, apart from many improvements, with a new color schemes options page.

Download it now

Features overview of Cordobo Green Park:

  1. Look & Feel with one click
    Change the look and feel of your website with one click in the color schemes page. Don’t worry with images or php-files. One click does it all ;)
  2. Cordobo Green Park framework
    Built & design your own 3 column WordPress valid XHTML & CSS themes upon Cordobo Green Park and release them as individual modules. No need for PHP files!
  3. Support for WordPress Widgets
    The easiest way to customize your themes look & feel.
  4. Language Support (coming soon)
    Change the whole theme into your language. The easiest way to be a local ;)
  5. Support for Ads (coming soon)
    Integrated support for your ads on your site.

Take the provided color schemes (lime green, light blue, red wine, chocolate (hmmm), and others) as a base to make your own 3 column theme. Feel free to send me your own color schemes, so I can provide them with the new version.

How do I get my copy of Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 3?

  • Just leave a comment either in English, Spanish or German and I’ll send you the latest 0.93 Beta via email (~300kB). Remember: This is a Beta! Not the final version!
  • Feel free to contact me, if you encounter a bug or some issue.
  • If you want to translate Cordobo Green Park, contact me via mail. No hard work, only 25-30 keywords and 4 short phrases.

Best regards,


Update December, 13th 2006:

Beta 2 is out. I fixed an issue with the comments button, an php include and a wrong “default” value in header.php. Thanks to Mike Abundo.

I send some people a buggy 0.92 Beta 2, please download the header.txt and comments.txt and rename them to header.php and comments.php.

Update December, 19th 2006:

Beta 3 is out. I added the Color Scheme “Icy Park” (last mini-screenshot) and 6 new favicons in the relevant colors. Beta 3 color scheme “Icy Park” is the 1st intent to use Cordobo Green Park as a framework for 3 column fluid WordPress themes.

Some actual mini-screenshots:

cgp-green.jpg cgp-blue.jpg cgp-red.jpg cgp-chocolate.jpg cgp-kind-of-blue.jpg

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  1. The body of the post is much narrower than the previous version. In IE6/7 any wide object (picture more than 420px wide) would push the following text all the way in the bottom.

  2. Wow! I really love you work :D great design, can you send me it please… I’m starting my blog and this theme is great i really want it.

    Just wondering if i can change the title-logo for my website logo.

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