Cordobo Nuzzz 3 column theme is in the works

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Just to keep you informed, I have more time to dedicate to the Cordobo Nuzzz bussiness theme for WordPress I started developing a couple of month ago. Within the next weeks, I’ll start a public beta testing.

I’m working “live” on this WordPress theme at (last updated December 17th, 2006) – a work in progress.

(Click on the image to see a live demo)

Cordobo Nuzzz
(Click on the image to see a live demo)

Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas & wishes ;)

11 responses to “Cordobo Nuzzz 3 column theme is in the works”

  1. Hi Cordobo, the nuzzz theme is very “web 2.0”, and I really like it. I have a suggestion to do: These variety of colors on the title’s fonts (light blue, light green, orange and pink) doesn’t look very good and rests a lot of it’s pretty look. I think you have to define a palette of colours to use on all along the theme, or (why not?) create a pair of different *.css for different themes.
    Sorry for my english, i’m learning it :)

  2. @ rzeta:

    thx for the hint with the color palette.

    @ Mehedi

    I’m working “almost” live on the theme, it’ll be available within the next few weeks.

  3. This is a great theme and its exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Is it possible to have some tags invisible so that they don’t appear in the categories and how many levels will the categories go?

    The theme is amazing can’t wait to start using it either.

    Good work.

  4. Hi There,

    I look very much forward to your theme – looks awesome! Hope you have dynamic main menu in mind…

    I would very much like to implement it on my site!

    Best regards

  5. Ooh yeah! Spot on! Looks even more awesome now.

    Have you considered the header to be able to contain a banner?

    Hope you will allow me to use it for!?

    Keep up the damn good work.

    Best regards