Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5

First many thanks to Tom Smith, Ryan Lee, Damian, Turi and many others for their feedback.

Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5 is here with many some ;) improvements, e.g. an issue with disappearing left-aligned images in IE has been fixed and the native support for plugins is broader and support for WordPress 2.7.x.

Get your copy of Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 5

BTW: I added a link to the footer.php to the site I designed the theme originally,, you can leave it or remove it.


  1. Hi there! Thanx very very much for this super-theme! I know it’s a beta, so one remark. Did you look at it in IE7? Text seems to disappear, at least on my blog :-) Cheers from Amsterdam, Doede

  2. Great looking theme. Really like the ability to change colors. Wanted to say I’m having the same problems with IE7.

  3. Hi,

    I like this theme. I’m testing it on a new site.
    Will test this one also ;) We need to get this to final, I can’t wait to get it fully translated to german. Had done this already to the 0.9.2 :) Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Andreas,
    I seem to be having the same problem with left-aligned images in .93 beta 4. Is it because I’m using IE6? When I rolled back to .92 beta 6, the images appeared just fine. Is that version still available? (I deleted it when I DL’d the latest version.) I’d like to be able to use the latest, though…I’m plugging away to find a solution. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


  5. Hallo Andreas,
    nutze 0.91 Beta 4 – habe ein ?hnliches Problem mit IE6. Einige Buttons oder Eingabefelder (zB von cforms) verschwinden links im Sidebar. Wenn ich mit der Maus ?ber die Kategorie (hier Allgemein) fahre, rutschen sie wieder korrekt in den Text. Hab gesehn Du hast in 0.93 B 4 da was ge?ndert !? Was muss ich anpassen ? (m?chte im Moment nicht auf 0.93 updaten – da Tage Anpassungsarbeit notwendig w?ren – w?rd lieber das 91-er bei mir anpassen) Hier meine Problemseite (nur im IE6): – W?re f?r einen Tip super dankbar.
    Gru? Reiner (Dein Theme ist sonst absolut super :-)

  6. @ Damian: try either to align the images or autoalign them.

    Best regards,


    @ Reiner:

    Welche ?nderungen ich durchgef?hrt habe, kann ich dir leider nicht mehr detailliert sagen :(

    Dein Problem k?nnte aber kurzfristig behoben werden, indem Du eine Div-Box
    um die cforms setzt mit einer festen H?he und einem clear: all



  7. I am crasy about the Cordoba theme in bleu.
    I have also a problem with that.
    I want it to use it in WPMU and there i have this error in the richt sidebar.
    “WordPress database error: [Table ‘hits.wp_1_linkcategories’ doesn’t exist]

    SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM wp_1_linkcategories

    Hope that this is to fix.

    Best Regards

  8. Perdona …. pero con Internet explorer 6.0 y en el Green Park 0.93 BETA_4 sigo con el mismo problema con footer_right.png y el Spam Karma 2 (ver imagen adjunta de email) .

    footer_right.png queda ligeramente MAS BAJO que footer_left.png

    Y como es t?pico con firefox 2.0 funciona perfectamente

    Gracias, y un saludo,


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