Furnish your home like an Apple store

Apple Store

Furnish your home like an Apple store? If you ever had the chance to visit an Apple store, you know what I’m taking about.

Apple Store Stairs

The guys over there at Oobjects compiled a list of links to the suppliers of the actual items Apple uses in their stores.

Oobjects – items to build an apple store

6 responses to “Furnish your home like an Apple store”

  1. I really like that site … but I wish the companies that make those products would give us peons an idea of what they cost.

    I can imagine a conversation … “How much is that blond wood desk you have at the Apple Store?”

    “Oh, it’s just $10,000. Would you like yours in teak, rosewood or blond wood?”

    I think this is the rarified atmosphere where $10,000 desks are inexpensive … but I’d love to know for sure without calling people up and bothering them.


  2. OK, Jobs already exhausted the milinalist theme. Now he needs to go Baroque. I suggest the next few stores be in the style of a Venetian palace, with water running under the transparent floor.