Firefox add-ons for developers

I compiled a short list of add-ons for firefox — mostly for developers and even more mostly for my own needs.

Art Design Themes

Freiraum – Paperwall 3

Cordobo Freiraum - Paperwall 3

Freiraum – Paperwall 3, the current theme for my blog. Enriched with state of the art enhancements like microformats, valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 3. All for your and my own pleasure.

The German word "Freiraum" literally translated means "free space", but the conotation implies also "freedom" and "tolerance".

Blog: Download a version of Paperwall 2 here

BTW: This wordpress theme sucks in IE6 and Firefox 2 on Linux.

Art Design Themes

Freiraum – Paperwall 2 – Free wordpress theme

Freiraum - Cordobo Paperwall 2 theme for wordpress

Cordobo “Freiraum” (Paperwall 2)

This is Freiraum – Paperwall 2, a new wordpress theme (based on sandbox) in demo mode. You can download this theme right after the click. Keep in mind, it’s a preview, not even an alpha!


Cordobo ahyo – wordpress and s9y template

I’m working again on Cordobo ahyo and I (hopefully) provide a preview of the new theme for wordpress and serendipity soon.