Freiraum – Paperwall 3

Cordobo Freiraum - Paperwall 3

Freiraum – Paperwall 3, the current theme for my blog. Enriched with state of the art enhancements like microformats, valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 3. All for your and my own pleasure.

The German word "Freiraum" literally translated means "free space", but the conotation implies also "freedom" and "tolerance".

Blog: Download a version of Paperwall 2 here

BTW: This wordpress theme sucks in IE6 and Firefox 2 on Linux.

4 responses to “Freiraum – Paperwall 3”

  1. This theme is even better than the previous one. The colorlines are reinforced by the black background. I think that working with contrasts like black – colors, black – white always geve good results.

  2. Tiny grey text on a black background (i.e. the comments) are virtually illegible. I needed to select the text with my mouse to be able to read the comment above. Nice background image though.