Green Park 2 Beta 6 Pre Download

Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 6 Download

This is just a short announcement. The pre-release of Green Park 2 Beta 6 is available for download, the “final” Beta is due in a few days.

The improvements include built-in Twitter support, seamless integration of Disqus comments, 40% fewer http requests, up to 50% faster page rendering compared to Beta 5 and a total of 16 supported languages.

The current Beta 6 is not supported and not recommended for production use. Please check the complete Changelog of Green Park 2 Beta 6 Pre before you get your copy from the local mirror. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments!

You should as well have a look at the Beta 6 preview.


  • 03/10/2010, 15:00 – Small fix for Twitter integration, Download has been updated.
  • 03/16/2010, 23:00 – Support for WordPress 3.0 (Alpha)
  • 03/31/2010, 18:45 – The release of Beta 6 is delayed to make it fully compatible with WordPress 3 and it’s new functions

107 responses to “Green Park 2 Beta 6 Pre Download”

  1. Hi Andreas,

    I use your Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5.
    My Font Family is Verdana, Font Size 12 and all my posts are in bold font.

    How can I change all my posts (include those already published) in Verdana 14 without bold font?

    Now,I know how to change font size, the problem is how to put away bold font from all my posts.

    Will it be possible by Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 6, to change Bold Font by Admin Panel only by a button, for all Posts, include those already published?

    As an alternative, How can I make this modifications?

    Do I have to put away bold font from all my posts, one by one?

    (May I suggest you, to consider to put the box research on the top of the home page? In this way, it is possible to add more Pages on the bar. To consider to cancel also, Home, Contenuto, RSS, Collegati).

    I thank you in advance.
    Giovanni Volpe

    • Hi Giovanni,

      I hope I got you right in this. Did you format your posts inline with bold-fonts or via CSS? If you did it inline you need to reverse this in every article – independently from the theme you’re using.

      An alternative would be to overwrite it via CSS by reformatting the strong-Tag and apply !important to the font-weight attribute, e.g.:

      font-weight: normal !important;

      This resets every font-weight from bold to normal, including the ones you want to keep bold.

      Regarding the navigation:
      Good points. I will try to change this in the next release (due at the end of the year with full WP3 support)

    • Hereby granted.

      Please check the conditions of the GPL licence (you have to leave the credits of the original author and the derived work has to be released under the GPL as well)

  2. Hello Andreas… nice work.
    Pls how can i add facebook and twitter icons just below the rss icon.
    Secondly, how will i add a subscribe to rss form to the rss button

  3. Hi Cordobo,

    I am a fan of your theme Green Park. Previously, I got a banner on my header then, when I updated to a new version of them something happened. My banner was lost.

    Can you help me put my banner.

    • Hi Biloggirl

      do you have any screenshot or something similar for me as a reference, the “banner” you are talking about is an image logo or an advertisement in the header area? Did you use the banner in another theme or in Green Park 2. If so, which version? Do you have a backup copy?

      • I didn’t not change my theme since I started my blog. Been using Green Park 2 for almost two years already because the theme is very easy to use. From the previous version, my banner was there then, apparently.. I lost it when I updated the newer version. Please help. Thanks

  4. Hallo Cordobo,

    wie kann ich der Header von diese Motiv verstellen (modifizieren) ?
    nachdem ich meine letzte Motiv updated habe, ist mein Banner verloren geganen bzw verschwunden.

    Vielen Dank fuer die Rueckmeldung im vorraus.

    Liebe Gruesse

  5. Hi,
    I just wanted to change (increase) the font size of the navigation bar (main ages) and I’m not able to find an option through CSS file.
    Please help

  6. Hi Andreas,

    How to add a 728×90 Ad Banner (AdSense or others
    Ads) above the Header?

    As an alternative, is it possible to use OpenX Hosted?

    If you want, send me a banner of yours 125×125 and Url, for a free esposition of 2 weeks on my blog.

    May I ask to you, the last news about Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 6!

    Giovanni Volpe