Category: Development

  • Green Park 2 Beta 6 Pre Download

    This is just a short announcement. The pre-release of Green Park 2 Beta 6 is available for download, the “final” Beta is due in a few days. The improvements include built-in Twitter support, seamless integration of Disqus comments, 40% fewer http requests, up to 50% faster page rendering compared to Beta 5 and a total […]

  • WordPress: Limited Randomized Blogroll without Plugin

    Create a smaller blogroll with many links with Wordpress built-in functions wp_list_bookmarks, limit, and orderby

  • Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5

    Late last month I released Green Park 2 Beta 4 with a small support for i18n — thanks to a lot of people with a lot more eyes than I have, I could fix around 15 smaller issues, two bugs and I got a lot of feedback regarding the i18n of the theme. Thanks to […]

  • Green Park 2 Beta 5 pre – for translators

    This release is for developers and translators only. It is not supported and not recommended for production use (the latest official and supported version is Green Park Beta 4). The latest supported version is Green Park Beta 5. Comments not related to Beta 5 pre will be removed from this post to keep the focus […]