Category: Development

  • Fix Ionic/Cordova App iOS 10 NSCameraUsageDescription Permission

    Update 22.09.2017: I wrote a plugin for cordova/ionic which simplifies the process: iOS 10/11 camera permission description plugin I just wanted to share this little finding with you, which I encountered today trying to upload our App update for iOS 10 of “zingoo Partner App” to Testflight. The app got rejected from Testflight because of […]

  • Pure CSS animated 3D Super Mario Icon

    After my latest CSS3 experiment without images (Internet Explorer Pure CSS Logo), a friend suggested to create an animated 3D Super Mario Icon based on the 3D Retro Mario GIF image by Cezkid. Well, this is the result of two weeks of work – an animated 3D Super Mario Icon built completely in CSS3 without […]

  • Internet Explorer Pure CSS Logo

    When I stumbled over David Desandro’s Opera CSS Logo and Zander Martineau’s Pure CSS Icons, I really liked their idea to create “art” only with CSS. So here is my work, the All CSS Internet Explorer Logo, a logo built completely in CSS, without any graphics. See the Demo (best viewed with Firefox 3.6 & […]

  • Integrate Facebook’s “Like” Plugin into WordPress

    Facebook recently announced the take-over of the internet with the introduction of the yet infamous “like”-button. Nevertheless, here is how you can add your own dynamic like-button for WordPress. If you use Facebook’s generator here, you’ll get some content very similar to mine: