Category: Development

  • Green Park 2 for Habari – Beta 1

    Using WordPress? If you use a WordPress driven blog, get the latest release of Green Park 2 for WordPress. I started porting Cordobo Green Park 2 to Habari. A demo is available here: Cordobo Green Park 2 for Habari Demo. Please note that GP2 for Habari is in early development and far away from being […]

  • Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 4

    Cordobo Green Park 2 (GP2) has reached the Beta status after 8 Alpha revisions. The download is available at my WordPress Themes Page. Apart from a new header graphic and more appealing forms and buttons, GP2 comes with a lot of code and CSS improvements, to render the website even faster along with typography and […]

  • Cordobo Green Park 2 Alpha 7

    I updated my WordPress theme Green Park 2 to Alpha 7 (the theme you’re looking at), with a lot of improvements to the codebase and full support for IE6 incorporated. Cordobo Green Park 2 is a simple & elegant light-weight theme for WordPress with a clean typography, built with seo and page-rendering optimizations in mind. […]

  • Provide visual feedback using CSS #1

    Small changes can cause big improvements. Todays topic is about small css improvements, resulting in visual feedback for your visitors and improvements to your blogs user interface. Most of the CSS below only works in the newest browsers, but it shouldn’t prevent you from using it. Don’t just change the color of the link, provide […]