Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5

Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5 Download

Late last month I released Green Park 2 Beta 4 with a small support for i18n — thanks to a lot of people with a lot more eyes than I have, I could fix around 15 smaller issues, two bugs and I got a lot of feedback regarding the i18n of the theme. Thanks to the community, we have support for the following languages:

  1. Chinese by wxzbb
  2. English (default) by me
  3. French by Julien
  4. German by Andreas Jacob
  5. Polish by Tosiek
  6. Spanish (castellano) by José Manuel Mao
  7. Swedish by Jon Klarström

I’d love to see your language here as well ;-) Please check this posting: Green Park 2 – for translators

Green Park 2 Beta 5 is available for download

So it’s time to release Green Park 2 Beta 5 into the wild. The download is now available:

Download Green Park 2 Beta 5 | Demo (Changelog)

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143 responses to “Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5”

  1. HOLA Andreas,
    ¿alguna novedad sobre la versión Beta 6??

    HELLO Andreas,
    any new about the version beta 6??

  2. great theme, one small question, I require a logo, but as soon as I make it more than 50pix in height the header does not expand. How can I make it so the header can be 155px in height?

  3. Thanks for your theme! I’m using your theme for my site and it works great it firefox & safari, but for some reason the site doesn’t display correctly in IE8. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks! :)

  4. Thank you so much for a beautiful theme! I am trying to follow your instructions for replacing the text brand with a logo brand and ran into several problems (mostly having to do with absolute height issues) I was able to get them resolved but I cannot figure out how to remove the text name that peaks out above my logo. Any ideas – can you point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks!

  5. Hi,

    i want to change header logo height …….. even i give height 106px, but s its not work, plz help me how i can change height bcaz my logo’s height is 110px.

    Help PLZ.