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Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5

Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5 Download

Late last month I released Green Park 2 Beta 4 with a small support for i18n — thanks to a lot of people with a lot more eyes than I have, I could fix around 15 smaller issues, two bugs and I got a lot of feedback regarding the i18n of the theme. Thanks to the community, we have support for the following languages:

  1. Chinese by wxzbb
  2. English (default) by me
  3. French by Julien
  4. German by Andreas Jacob
  5. Polish by Tosiek
  6. Spanish (castellano) by José Manuel Mao
  7. Swedish by Jon Klarström

I’d love to see your language here as well ;-) Please check this posting: Green Park 2 – for translators

Green Park 2 Beta 5 is available for download

So it’s time to release Green Park 2 Beta 5 into the wild. The download is now available:

Download Green Park 2 Beta 5 | Demo (Changelog)

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143 replies on “Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 5”

The theme is great but i was wondering why the sidebar widgets appear very far down the page when a blog posting is selected. They are below the fold and have to scroll down. When the home page is clicked the side bar widgets appear at the top above the fold. do I have a setting that is incorrect?


Hi Andreas,
With Cordobo Green Park 2 – is it possible, without a nightmare of code wrestling, to move the sidebar from the right to the left side?

I’ve run across numerous themes where it’d be nice to move it to the other side, but the few times I tried it, it didn’t work, things didn’t line up anymore.

I have gone through the code and wasn’t sure where to begin, and thought before I spent days trying to do the impossible, I’d ask the guy that coded the thing in the first place.

I really like this theme, it’s nice and clean looking.


Hallo Andreas,

ich habe mir vor ein paar Tagen WP installiert und dann gleich Dein wirklich super designtes Theme geladen. Sieht klasse aus!

Leider funktioniert bei mir die WP-Cumulus Flash-TAG-Cloud in der Sidebar nicht. Gibt es dafür eine Doku wo ich nachlesen kann was ich falsch mache?

Beste Grüße aus Aschaffenburg

Even though I put widgets into the sidebar, the “About” “Pages” “Categories” “Archives” and “Meta” stuff still remain showing below the widgets I inserted.

How do I get rid of this single column junk in the sidebar. I ONLY want what I have in the widgets.

I don’t know enough coding to wade through the sidebar and delete or comment out all that stuff below the widgets I choose to use.


after installation, when you swap between home and about pages the space on top main window and main page changes, could this be fixed as it looks like the page is jumping.

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