Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 4

Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 4 Download

Cordobo Green Park 2 (GP2) has reached the Beta status after 8 Alpha revisions. The download is available at my WordPress Themes Page.

Apart from a new header graphic and more appealing forms and buttons, GP2 comes with a lot of code and CSS improvements, to render the website even faster along with typography and SEO optimizations. The Beta needs ~3KB less code on each created page compared to the latest alpha. The new settings page located at the WordPress Admin section, to configure Feedburner, Adsense and Analytics, has been cleaned up although.

Download Green Park 2 Beta 4 | Demo (Changelog)

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180 responses to “Cordobo Green Park 2 Beta 4”

  1. V-Gates Andreas!

    Is there any way to have the comment box pop out right at the spot where the “comment” link is (instead of it scrolling down to the bottom of the page?)

    Nancy : )

    • Hi Nancy,

      “V-Gates” sounds like “Wie geht’s” (“how are you doing” in German) ;-)

      Do you mean on top of the commentslist where it says “Add your comment” or the AJAXy effect if you click on “Reply”?

      For the 2nd option here is no solution because it needed to change WordPress core files.

  2. Andreas
    Great theme (now that I’m understanding how to move things around).

    How would I go about setting up a page like this using the blog? –

    As you can see, I made an effort but adding the php to it so it dynamically populates has proven tough for me. I want each page to show up all the posts assigned to that specific category but in the format I have tried to display on the link above.

    Any ideas?

    Oh, had site up for only 5 days and already received over 1000 visitors! :)

    – Ken

  3. I’m running into an issue where after I log into my site if i go back and view the site the login text doesn’t change to “admin” or “manage” like it did in other themes. Is there a fix for this or am I just missing something? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi, this might be the result of a caching plugin for WordPress or of your browsers cache – try a different configuration if you use a caching plugin like “wp super cache” or try reloading the website various times.

      In the top navigation “Login” should be replaced with “Site Admin | Log out” if you’re logged in.

  4. I am blind in seo and php, so what this code means in cordobo header. Just wondering, is it legal?
    if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], ''))
    echo '
    if (top.location != self.location) top.location = self.location;

  5. Can you please tell me where how to get the buttons across the top to direct to categories? I saw many people asking and you never responded. I have read lots of pages in your site and all 159 commets (actually read them) and I can’t find the answer. Please help. Ty!

  6. Hello,

    When i using search function in this theme, in search results page, Sub pages also listed in top navbar. How can i disable the pages in search results page? Here is the example

    When i search the above term in my blog, in top navbar, my blog pages are showing. How can i avoid pages in top navbar in search results page?