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Green Park 2 Beta 5 pre – for translators

This release is for developers and translators only. It is not supported and not recommended for production use (the latest official and supported version is Green Park Beta 4). The latest supported version is Green Park Beta 5.

Comments not related to Beta 5 pre will be removed from this post to keep the focus on translations.

If you want to help translate Green Park 2 (GP2) into your language, download the pre-release theme. The theme contains a folder with files (English) and example files (German).

Translations for Beta 5 should be zipped and mailed to the e-mail mentioned in the readme.txt file.

Ressources for Translators

Localizing WordPress Themes (English) (German version)
Localizing WordPress Themes and Plugins (English)
WordPress Codex: Translation Tools


If you encounter any issues regarding the grammar or syntax in your language, please let me know.
Feedback, bug reports and workarounds in general are highly appreciated.


Not recommended for production use
Green Park Beta 5 – i18n (Updated August 21st, 2009)


These translations will be available for Beta 5:

  1. Chinese by wxzbb
  2. French by Julien
  3. German by Andreas Jacob
  4. Polish by Tosiek
  5. Spanish (castellano) by José Manuel Mao
  6. Swedish by Jon Klarström

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On my blog I use GP2 and when I translating to Polish in debuger I have that (when I save translated file):

17:17:09: /Users/boss/Desktop/pl_PL.po:116: ‘msgstr’ is not a valid PHP format string, unlike ‘msgid’. Reason: In the directive number 1, the character ‘k’ is not a valid conversion specifier.
17:17:09: /Applications/ found 1 fatal error

Hmm.. Just seemed like translation to Chinese meets some problem.. Some text cannot be translated. I don’t know if this problem caused by the mainprogram’s po file. So, I’ll get online on Skype and talk with you about it.

I try to design my blog in french with Cordobo theme but I don’t understand why do not work. I added file in wp-includes/languages directory. wp-config.php and getext.php seems OK. Do you know if there are other frenchs user of Cordobo theme ?

Delete previous ramble.

I have translated as you can se on my site. It looks like required is hardcoded because I can’t tranlsate it.

And if I do a search and get a “No posts found” I get an extra meny to my pages in the grey bar under the green with the ordinary menu. ????

Hi, thanks for this nice theme.

I found a little bug on the theme settings page. If you enter a quote in the “Sidebar title” input, all chars after the quote are cut off (only on the settings page), because you don’t convert the quote to an html entity.

Nice theme ;) may you could improve margins in IE?(in sidebar) and font-family.

If you want here is a translation into Polish language:
/edit: Added it to the latest Beta 5pre

In der deutschen Sprachdatei hast du “» Read more: ” durch “» Weiterlesen” ersetzt. Am Ende fehlt der Doppelpunkt und Space.

Da der Postitle jedoch direkt dort angehangen wird siehts in der deutschen Fassung etwas unschön aus.

Btw, nettes neues Theme hast du hier. Nur die Schriftgröße in der Kommentarbox könnte vllt. noch etwas kleiner sein (selbe wie bei der Ausgabe, oder die Box größer :P).

Huhu, bei (“Leave a reply” / “Kommentiren”) fehlt noch ein e für das ie am Ende.

Und dann unter den Beiträgen steht “Du kannst allen Kommentaren auf diesen Eintrag durch RSS 2.0 Feed”. Das “follow” aus dem Englischen fehlt. Vielleicht wäre es bei dem Satz auch Sinnvoll den RSS Link durch nen Platzhalter zu ersetzen, gibt ja sicher noch mehr Sprachen bei denen er nicht ganz am Ende steht.

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