Green Park 2 Beta 5 pre – for translators

This release is for developers and translators only. It is not supported and not recommended for production use (the latest official and supported version is Green Park Beta 4). The latest supported version is Green Park Beta 5.

Comments not related to Beta 5 pre will be removed from this post to keep the focus on translations.

If you want to help translate Green Park 2 (GP2) into your language, download the pre-release theme. The theme contains a folder with files (English) and example files (German).

Translations for Beta 5 should be zipped and mailed to the e-mail mentioned in the readme.txt file.

Ressources for Translators

Localizing WordPress Themes (English) (German version)
Localizing WordPress Themes and Plugins (English)
WordPress Codex: Translation Tools


If you encounter any issues regarding the grammar or syntax in your language, please let me know.
Feedback, bug reports and workarounds in general are highly appreciated.


Not recommended for production use
Green Park Beta 5 – i18n (Updated August 21st, 2009)


These translations will be available for Beta 5:

  1. Chinese by wxzbb
  2. French by Julien
  3. German by Andreas Jacob
  4. Polish by Tosiek
  5. Spanish (castellano) by José Manuel Mao
  6. Swedish by Jon Klarström

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  1. hi, wie kann man den das theme auf deutsch haben bzw. so, dass z.B. die “Texte der Suchergebnisse” auf deutsch sind? Wie geht man da vor? mfg tim